Your light.

As silver shines upon us this night. She and I in this moonlight, seal together for eternity.


A Breeze In Love

I just unearthed, one of my most favorite writings, and art work. For a special and obvious purpose, though it didn’t really serve the intend, this piece stands to-date as my favorite work. I hope you see and enjoy the meaning that goes behind these lines.

As a breeze on a summer day
I blew on you, on my way.
You closed your eyes
I saw your smile
Forgot the winds, I stood still.
Between the twirls in your hair
In love, I moved with care.
Even by your gesture, a slight hint
From a breeze, I turned to wind.

Each element you see in this illustration below has its significance, but then explaining it seems so lame at this tick of time.

unearthed one of my most favorite writings, and art work

unearthed one of my most favorite writings, and art work

Sex, A Love!


Whisper to you sensually
Touch with insane lust
Trickles my finger, along your curve
Passion, I see,hardens upon your bust.

Tease you with a feather
Round thy navel now I linger
Turns me on, as your tummy
Rhythmically quiver.

A bite of your lips
A hold on your hips
Gaze into my eyes
Honey, your love in south it drips.

Smoothness, your skin
Sweetness, your love within
Wildness, our passionate sin
Make love to me in music, my dear violin.