Sex, A Love!


Whisper to you sensually
Touch with insane lust
Trickles my finger, along your curve
Passion, I see,hardens upon your bust.

Tease you with a feather
Round thy navel now I linger
Turns me on, as your tummy
Rhythmically quiver.

A bite of your lips
A hold on your hips
Gaze into my eyes
Honey, your love in south it drips.

Smoothness, your skin
Sweetness, your love within
Wildness, our passionate sin
Make love to me in music, my dear violin.

A Touch In Murk

The Hold



On a love-hill

In hand-held


We escalated.


She sunder her hold

While I at mirth.

And murk

She took her birth.


Now as I walk on colorless nights.

At despair I close my eyes.

And I’m fooled by a touch.

That no longer exist.


The game now played

Life, at me they smirk!

A gift, a guide, or  a hand mislaid

This touch, that fools me in murk?

Close Whisper

A close whisper

Breath on my ear, pounding hearts

Loud I could hear.



Jingle, was quite generous to have put my first Senyru, up on his blog. And she did put her skills onto Senyru too; the output of which was quite interesting. I recommend you to check it out here. Her post inspired me to write the above. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sudden Summer

Shivering in winter

On cold ice, barefoot I met her;

A look! Thus began summer.

So that was my first attempt at Senyru. I was quite impressed with this form of poetry, when I came across it in Poems to the Ocean (Adam’s blog). Read through a few of his posts, and I couldn’t wait to give it a shot. Pardon me, if its not in the correct structure. I would love to hear what you think on the same. Thanks!