#nosmartphonechallenge: Preparing to Quit

I started using smartphones back in 2012 with Android, and later shifted to an iPhone in 2016. Over these 4yrs I have observed changes that I would like to validate through a lifestyle experiment over the next 2 months.

Day 0: As a preparation, I am uninstalling all apps from my mobile phone. I was quiet hesitant on uninstalling a few apps:

a) Uber: I uber to office & back every day, so it was quiet difficult. But a googling helped me find a Uber desktop version.

b) Google Kit : My office requires me to check emails day in & out. It feels like a tough decision to shift to back to desktops


Apps I chose to keep:

a) Banking Apps : I decided not to let off my banking apps for now, owing to India’s current move towards cashless economy. Happy for this one! HDFC, Kotak, Amex, Paytm, ZetaPay, UnoPay, Splitwise, Fundsindia




88 : What If

What if each of us did one small act of kindness everyday, like give share our umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day!

How wonderful would the world be!


* Challenge myself to create a list of 100 What If’s that I think would make the world a wonderful place to be in!


image courtsey : afromeetseuro.co