A Breeze In Love

I just unearthed, one of my most favorite writings, and art work. For a special and obvious purpose, though it didn’t really serve the intend, this piece stands to-date as my favorite work. I hope you see and enjoy the meaning that goes behind these lines.

As a breeze on a summer day
I blew on you, on my way.
You closed your eyes
I saw your smile
Forgot the winds, I stood still.
Between the twirls in your hair
In love, I moved with care.
Even by your gesture, a slight hint
From a breeze, I turned to wind.

Each element you see in this illustration below has its significance, but then explaining it seems so lame at this tick of time.

unearthed one of my most favorite writings, and art work

unearthed one of my most favorite writings, and art work


Angel Rex

When I first started using the internet in 2002, I always tried real hard to cook up a cool digital name for myself.  Some kind of fancy, to have a name like metaleater, darklord etc! Almost every name I came up with, seemed very common, and very not-impressive!Eventually the need died, and I got no cool digital name for myself.

But then about a 2-3 months back, a name struck me: Angel Rex. In short A.R. … And since then, I have been wanting to make a digital image for Angel Rex. Recently while I was randomly drawing in my artbook, I happened to draw him. Later I digitally inked him, and Angel Rex was born. Not very professional, but definetly Angel Rex.

Angel Rex

Angel Rex

Feel free to drop in your comments. Thank You!

Close Whisper

A close whisper

Breath on my ear, pounding hearts

Loud I could hear.



Jingle, was quite generous to have put my first Senyru, up on his blog. And she did put her skills onto Senyru too; the output of which was quite interesting. I recommend you to check it out here. Her post inspired me to write the above. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sudden Summer

Shivering in winter

On cold ice, barefoot I met her;

A look! Thus began summer.

So that was my first attempt at Senyru. I was quite impressed with this form of poetry, when I came across it in Poems to the Ocean (Adam’s blog). Read through a few of his posts, and I couldn’t wait to give it a shot. Pardon me, if its not in the correct structure. I would love to hear what you think on the same. Thanks!