Your light.

As silver shines upon us this night. She and I in this moonlight, seal together for eternity.


The Uncertainty – The Fun

This year as I watched a kid celebrate Diwali – carefully setting his rocket before lighting it on fire… I realized how similar this is to our lives.

 When we aim and set our lives on a particular course, and then life surprises you by taking on a whole new path. As we ride on these misbehaving rockets we initially have the ‘Oh-No’ moment, but then we begin to enjoy the new path and the surprises it unfolds. By the end of the show we are standing up, jaws dropped, wide eyed…all amused, all happy!

The uncertainity… isn’t this what the fun is all about!


My Footprint

I constantly think about ways to make my life more creative, more worth a story-telling to the future generations…full excitement, passion, love, adventures, money and fame. Now you don’t want to be a dinosaur roaming in just one place, one country, one continent, just to be later extinct! Leave your huge footprint before you go!

dinosaur footprint

91 : What If

What if everyone refused to carry out plastic bags from shopping malls!

How wonderful would the world be!

no plastic bags

* Challenge myself to create a list of 100 What If’s that I think would make the world a wonderful place to be in!