Guest Post : A Sailor’s Poem

I met a seafaring sailor recently. More than a passionate and insightful man, he is an interesting and genuine friend.  Edo Passarella is a National Geographic explorer, sailor and travel writer. Edo is creative in his own ways and likes to sail out into the sea in his own yacht. Once in a while at sea, he scribbles a line or two, about the wide blue expanse that lay before him.  He was kind enough to write a guest post for HOA.

I am glad to be sharing this, and thank you Edo! Guys, do drop in comments for Edo’s lines!

In the harbor tonight,
won’t swim fishes
nor you can’t see rats,
’cause the moon looks like a bowl of milk,
surrounded by millions of cats.

(In porto stanotte
non nuotano pesci,
non s’odono ratti.
Sarà che la luna
è una scodella di latte,
con attorno milioni
di gatti.)



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