She Cleansed My Dirt

Just before retiring to bed early I challenged myself to write a few lines about something VERY random in 15mins. So I pinged a friend, Sadhana, for a very random topic…and suprisingly she said.. hmm…. well you’ll find out soon, at the end of the post! 😉
Challenge Accepted, I said  !!! And the outcome turned out pretty funny and its below:

Covered in dirt
My mind, my heart, my very birth.
None to touch me
To cleanness, for any fee!

Among the crowd of things
She rose, as an angel with no wings.
Dipped herself in water
Touched and soaped me in lather.

Fearless. Fighting the evil
Like a knight in times medieval.
Moved across my body
In lust, brave and with passion.

As she neared my sight,
I looked at her, asked for her name.
All wet, in passion and delight
Loofah, exclaimed the dame!

Well, Sadhana said… Loofah!!! And I soo Do NOT like  you for this Sadhana Rajeev !!


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