As autumn comes our way, a gentle reminder of the Artists’s eye!

The Height of Awesomeness

Withered away

With time and silence

Into the shadows

Beauty that once was.

Still stands in pride

Gone, color and form.

Speaks to us

Beauty that once was.

Bloomed to glory

Radiant and flowery.

Smiled and dried

Beauty that once was.

Look in the shadows

Hear them speak

O plebian! Notice the

Beauty that once was.

Lost none.

Transformed it did.

Into a beauty

That it now is.

So works

An artist’s eye.

In the shadows it sees

Beauty that now is.


This piece of poetry was inspired by the above photograph clicked by Neil E. Das.Just a few hours before I hit upon this picture, I came across a painting by Carol King. I thought to myself, that I have never seen amess on the road could turn out to be beautiful; and that I believe is the beauty of An Artists Eye. Constantly, and unconsciously…

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