Angel Rex

When I first started using the internet in 2002, I always tried real hard to cook up a cool digital name for myself.  Some kind of fancy, to have a name like metaleater, darklord etc! Almost every name I came up with, seemed very common, and very not-impressive!Eventually the need died, and I got no cool digital name for myself.

But then about a 2-3 months back, a name struck me: Angel Rex. In short A.R. … And since then, I have been wanting to make a digital image for Angel Rex. Recently while I was randomly drawing in my artbook, I happened to draw him. Later I digitally inked him, and Angel Rex was born. Not very professional, but definetly Angel Rex.

Angel Rex

Angel Rex

Feel free to drop in your comments. Thank You!


14 thoughts on “Angel Rex

  1. awesome graphic!
    haha don’t feel bad I always wanted a cool digital name… hmm
    still need to work on that!

  2. Nice image. Like it a lot. Quite tastefully done. Your selection of fonts is really neat. And your neat lil glow effects also work great. Also the simple sketching with very less lines creates a sense of very professional restraint, though some proportions are a lil wonky (or were they meant to be that way?)- it still looks very nice and cartoony.
    This was done on Photoshop right?

    • hi hari! thanks for dropping by! yeah, you are right, some proportions are indeed, as u say, a lil wonky! Was among my first drawings, and pretty unprofessional and untrained. Well, it was digitally inked in Illustrator. I prefer it, for most of my work to photoshop. Vector is so much easier in it. Seems like you have got quite an eye! Thanks again. Do drop by often.

    • Thanks for the comment. I am hosting the website on wordpress. And sorry, but I am not really sure what you mean by affiliate link to my host? 🙂 could you elaborate?

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