Signature Smile



My first portrait sketching was in Aug 2009, of a girl. Ever since, I have been sketching a few female faces. Sometimes when you want start doing something you are really passionate about, and care about, you want to do it with someone really special. My first portrait was of someone such. Well, so when I wanted to do a male…who would have held the place other than my twin.

And all through sketching him, I started noticing how different it was sketching males and females. The eyebrows, the lips, the eyes… there’s a sea load of a difference. But I believe all the time and effort was worth it. Not the most accurate of sketches, but I really like this one, for a lot of reasons!

The reason I named this Signature Smile… lol, he has this smile he puts on while clicking pics…No matter even if there’s a cyclone or an earthquake… all he needs is the camera sound, and he’s beaming it already!

Here’s the details:

Model : Varun Raj

Time Taken: 3hours

What more is blessed, than having another of yourself walk around. So similar that you think you have an attached mirror.

I would really love to hear your comments, and post your ratings! Thanks!



24 thoughts on “Signature Smile

    • Yup! you wud be seeing more! I’m jst an amateur, so would take time. I think u have already noticed that by now. 🙂 Thanks for the comment! Would be a real honor if you followed me!

  1. wohooo now thts wt i call amazin…….u’ve really gt every detail………ur bro must lov it aswell……….or did u draw urself………

  2. Arun, for someone who has just started, you are awesome, and very talented. Not only with your sketching, but, with your poetry. Keep sharing!!!!!!!

    • Jingle! Thank You VERY much for considering me for the competition. Pardon me for not responding or participating in the previous Thursday Rally and The Poetry competition. I have been on travel. Looking forward to more participation. Cheers!

      PS: didn’t find The Height of Awesomeness in the list. Was wondering if you kicked me out? 🙂

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