#nosmartphonechallenge: Preparing to Quit

I started using smartphones back in 2012 with Android, and later shifted to an iPhone in 2016. Over these 4yrs I have observed changes that I would like to validate through a lifestyle experiment over the next 2 months.

Day 0: As a preparation, I am uninstalling all apps from my mobile phone. I was quiet hesitant on uninstalling a few apps:

a) Uber: I uber to office & back every day, so it was quiet difficult. But a googling helped me find a Uber desktop version.

b) Google Kit : My office requires me to check emails day in & out. It feels like a tough decision to shift to back to desktops


Apps I chose to keep:

a) Banking Apps : I decided not to let off my banking apps for now, owing to India’s current move towards cashless economy. Happy for this one! HDFC, Kotak, Amex, Paytm, ZetaPay, UnoPay, Splitwise, Fundsindia